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It is very curious to feed a cat the first time as opposed to a monkey because feeding that two legged animal can be assumed as one time event. However, the likelihood that the cat will return time and time and again stands a greater chance than electoral success of most incumbents even with no opponent in sight. Let’s focus on the theme of this article as headlined, some few months ago, the Nigeria’s team embarked on All African Games while the country is transitioning from the government of the past to the new regime, the consequences of which funds were very scarce. 
Have you ever wondered why an individual chooses poverty over legitimate wealth in the absence of religious or moral constraint? Ever wonder why a leader chooses to suffer his team members for the sake of the opponent? No, this article is not about legal entanglements rather about basic common sense in our collective actions and reactions. This writing is a follow-up, promised in this writer’s article a fortnight ago in respect of the duo (Angie Taylor and Eric Campbell) hired by the previous Sports Minister as Directors and their qualifications.

On Sports: Allegations of Reckless Angie Taylor & Eric Campbell Contract Renewal

Feeding a stray cat robust meal is clearly an invitation for the cat to return for more and to hire an incompetent perambulator creates a dependency syndrome. Alas, allegations have become rampant among athletes in respect of the Ministry of Sports (Youth & Sports) re-hiring of the duo comprising Angie Taylor and Eric Campbell that did nothing required by the previous illegal contract worth over N500million awarded by the NSC contrary to the sections 24-27 Public Procurement Act 2007. The athletes and Nigerians demand the return of such humongous payment to the duo for doing nothing and the past leaders of NSC who awarded the contract to be probed immediately. It is rather difficult not to comment on athletes’ concerns on this issue without being called all sort of names in a politically charged environment.
This is one of those occasions where obedience to illegality can never exonerate the loyal follower, no; this article is not about the regime of former President Jonathan rather about the current Minister of Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalung. However, a summary of the actions of the past regime simply suggests that a certain individual distributes the country’s resources at will without recourse to Public Procurement Act 2007 (PPA) that specifies how the country’s financial resources ought to be spent prudently.

Memo to President Buhari: Time  to halt the downward slide in sports

President Muhammadu Buhari and All Progressives Congress’ (APC) dream of youth empowerment may turn out to be a mirage, unless they turn around the sports industry which has the potential to engage millions of Nigerians. The first step will be appointing a Sports Minister who understands the industry and has genuine intentions of stopping the present rot writes INNOCENT EGBUNIKE